A Yacht Stewardess Checklist for Planning the Perfect Charter

As a Yacht Stewardess, you will always have a long list of things to complete before and after guest trips. This doesn’t only mean cleaning cabins but also includes tasks such as provisioning according to your new guests’ preferences, liaising with guests, accounting, budgeting, and keeping the interior team working productively.

Additionally, when it comes to running the interior of a Super Yacht, everything has to be done with precise planning, and executed to the highest standards.

A Yacht Stewardess is responsible for maintaining a multi-million-dollar asset and a simple mistake such as spraying vinegar onto the marble instead of the mirror can cause the yacht owner a large sum of money.

Now although you will try, you cannot be everywhere at once. So you need to have comprehensive lists for your team to follow. I have a list for EVERYTHING that needs to be done onboard. This eliminates the chance for errors, as well as holds your team accountable for the job they have done.

You will have so many things to juggle in a short amount of time, so these lists are a great way to tick off tasks and feel confident that you are ready for your upcoming charter.

flower arrangement
Order flower arrangements or get creative and make your own

Pre-Charter Checklists For a Yacht Stewardess

The order in which you complete this list will rely heavily on the amount of time you have before your upcoming charter. Assuming you have more than 1-2 weeks, below is how I would go about my planning.

1-2 Weeks Prior To The Charter

  • Deep clean each guest cabin using checklists in your cleaning caddy
  • Set up guest cabins as per the checklist and walk out of the room 100% ready for guests
  • Detail day heads
  • Deep clean all common areas (main Salon, sky lounge, staircases)
  • Use guest preference sheets to compile your provisions list for guest snacks, drinks, and alcohol
  • Prepare guest photos and preference summary and put them up in the crew mess
  • Stock all fridges and storage areas with beer, juices, and soda according to preferences
  • Stock water fridges if your boat uses water bottles
  • Prepare re-usable bottles/yetis
  • Set up your bars according to preference sheets and check bar caddies, cocktail garnishes, etc
  • Make sure all on-charter uniform is stain checked, labeled, ironed, and ready
  • Check all beach towels are clean and rolled into baskets and beach bags
  • Organise beach set-up boxes and get ready for the trip
  • Sunscreen baskets are stocked, organized and ready to be put out
  • Deep clean the Bridge
  • Deep clean the crew mess and do a provision list for crew food, snacks, drinks, and toiletries
  • Deep clean laundry
  • Deep clean and organize the pantries
  • Order flowers for the trip and arrange delivery for the day before pick up unless you are doing the arrangements yourself
  • Neaten decorations cupboard
  • Organise napkins and placemats and check for any food or stains from the previous trip
  • Plan your table décor schedule according to the menu
  • Check all AV/IT is working and music is downloaded and updated
  • Prepare turndown quotes
  • Update infused water plan and cocktails/mocktails if necessary
  • Neaten linens and towel cupboard
  • Check that the games cupboard is organized
  • Assign guest cabins and put up a list in the laundry room
three yacht stewardesses wearing tropical glasses
My interior dream team

The Day Before Guest Arrival

  • Flower arrangements received or put together yourself and distributed
  • Remove runners
  • Dust-vac and wipe common areas
  • Dust-vac and wipe guest cabins – do a double check for stray hairs, scrub and flush the toilet, and walk out with the cabin 100% ready
  • Double-check all AV/IT is working
  • Distribute on-charter uniform to crew
  • Prepare fruit bowls and citrus bowls at bars
  • Put out guest snacks in the main salon
  • Set up snack bags and prepare bags of drinks for coolers for the first beach set up/tender excursion
  • Pull table settings for the following day (lunch and dinner depending on arrival time)
  • Prepare welcome towels
  • Set up and stock coffee stations
  • Prepare containers and labels for breakfast for the week (Cereal containers, coffee station, granola, butter, etc.)
glasses of champagne and face towels
Have your refreshing face towels and champagne ready as the guests board the vessel

The Day Of Guest Arrival

  • Swiffer and wipe common areas
  • Unlock all guest doors
  • Set lights around the entire boat and guest cabins
  • Put out luggage mats in cabins
  • Cut lemons and limes and place them in a tub in the bar fridge
  • Pull champagne glasses and have champagne standing by, as well as an ice bucket
  • Prepare your welcome drink if not champagne
  • Set the table for the first meal if it is not too far in advance (or at least do the centerpiece)
  • Put welcome towels on a tray and leave them in the fridge until the guests arrive
  • Put out sunscreen baskets
  • Put out beach towel baskets
  • Set up exterior bars (put out caddies, coasters, tea towels etc.)
  • Put out the infused water station
table setting with flowers and books on a yacht
Table setting schedules are great if you have the time to plan them

Post-Charter Checklists For A Yacht Stewardess

Once your charter is finished and the guests have left, you will have tasks to complete before you are toasting champagne on the aft deck. As with the above list, task priority depends on the amount of time you have before your next charter

  • Strip beds and put sheets in a pillowcase at the door of each cabin
  • Put all wet and dirty guest towels in a basket in the laundry room
  • Wipe down the showers in the guest cabins and ensure no water is left behind as there may be a few days before you get into the deep clean
  • Clear trash from guest cabins and remove all other trash from the interior
  • Throw out all flowers and clean the vases
  • Vacuum common area floors and staircases and get the runners down
  • Clear all guest fridges and bar areas of open items and give them to the crew
  • Bring towel baskets and sunscreen baskets inside
  • Put out de-humidifiers or damp rid

At this point depending on your timing, you would move into the pre-charter checklist. But for now, go join your team in a well-deserved toast for successfully completing a fantastic charter!

Hi, my name is Lisa, a Chief Stewardess in the yachting industry with 10 years of experience, as well as 8 years of hospitality experience prior to that. Being in the yachting industry has been a whirlwind of adventure, growth, challenges and some of the best experiences of my life, and I am excited to share my knowledge and experiences with all of you.