Fort Lauderdale Crew Houses: 21 of the Best Crew Accommodations

Are you a yachtie looking for work in Fort Lauderdale? You’ve come to the right place!

Fort Lauderdale Crew houses are mostly run by ex-yacht professionals. So, not only do you get impeccable accommodation, but you also get to network with some elite Yacht Captains and Chief Stews.

Furthermore, you are in one of the biggest yachting hubs in the world, boasting numerous marinas, an abundance of yacht crew housing, as well as top yacht crew agencies to help you find your first job.

Below is a list of my recommended crew houses in Fort Lauderdale that are located near some of the top marinas and crew agencies. These are all well-run upmarket crew houses.

Your budget is going to depict the crew house you choose. There are crew houses with lots of bunks beds at a cheaper rate, or there are more established crew houses that cost a bit more, but you have some more privacy and they tend not to allow big parties and riff-raff.

Most of the hosts operate a number of their own Fort Lauderdale Crew Houses, so if they do not have availability in the one you requested, they are fantastic at helping you find something else.

a bedroom with 2 single beds in a fort lauderdale crew house
A Shared room in the Crew Ashore Crew House

Standardised Rates for Established Fort Lauderdale Crew Houses

There is a general industry standard with pricing for all of these crew houses. You can expect to see prices ranging as follows:

  • Shared Room (3 or more beds per room) – Starting at $240 / week
  • Shared Room (2 beds per room) – Starting at $300 / week
  • Private Room with shared Bathroom- Starting at $425 / week
  • A private room with private Ensuite – Starting at $450 / week
  • Private Studio / RV Stay- Starting at $500 / week

CrewHaven101: The Ultimate selection of Fort Lauderdale Crew Houses

Crew Haven hosts 13 stunning crew houses in Fort Lauderdale and within close proximity to Safe Harbour/Lauderdale Marine Centre. Run by ex-Yacht crew professionals, they have a high standard for cleanliness and comfort.

Most properties include free laundry facilities, WI-FI, communal lounges, BBQs, outdoor gardens, and patios.

Whether you are new to the industry or an experienced professional, Crew Haven has the perfect home for you!

For bookings contact:


a bedroom with a double bed
Fair Winds Crew House – Private room with shared bathroom

Crew Ashore: My FAVOURITE HOST of all the Crew Houses in Fort Lauderdale

Crew Ashore operates 5 beautiful Fort Lauderdale Crew houses, and is professionally run by an established Captain and Chief Stewardess team (Hello networking opportunities)!

All of their properties come with free WI-FI, Laundry facilities, and gorgeous communal and outdoor areas with fire pits and BBQs.

For bookings contact:

Facebook: Crew Ashore

Whatsapp: +1 252 725 1289

Instagram: @crewashore_ftl

fort laudedale crew house outdoor patio with swimming pool and a seating area
Crew Ashore Communal Areas

Peter Pan Crew House

The Peter Pan Crew House offers 3 bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms in the main house. The rooms are separated into a female dorm room, a male dorm room, and a more private room with 2 large beds.

An additional guesthouse is available for couples or individuals seeking more privacy.

They offer free WI-FI, laundry facilities as well as bike rentals which are great for getting around.

For bookings contact:


WhatsApp: +1-954-800-2222

Facebook: Fort Lauderdale Crew House

lounge and dining room in house
Peter Pan Crew House

Anchored Crew House

This Fort Lauderdale Crew House is located near 17th Street which is where you will find all the major crew agencies. Although you will need transport to get around to the marinas, you are still in a great location! This crew house is great for green crew, with slightly lower rates but more crew sharing per room.

For bookings contact:

Facebook: Anchored Crew House


Smart Move Crew Accommodations

If you are on a tight budget, Smart Move Crew Accommodations offer a number of crew houses in Fort Lauderdale at slightly lower rates. They offer both shared and private room options, and all homes boast lovely facilities to make your stay more enjoyable.

For bookings contact:

WhatsApp: +1 561 444 9004

Facebook: Smart Move Crew Accommodations

Smart Move Crew Accommodations

What’s Next….

Now that you know where you want to stay, be sure to check put my post on How to Become a Yachtie for all the other information and advice you need to get yourself started! Best of luck and please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about where to say.

Hi, my name is Lisa, a Chief Stewardess in the yachting industry with 10 years of experience, as well as 8 years of hospitality experience prior to that. Being in the yachting industry has been a whirlwind of adventure, growth, challenges and some of the best experiences of my life, and I am excited to share my knowledge and experiences with all of you.

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